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I've worked almost exclusively as a full-time writer since 2007. Prior to that, I had written professionally for my own blogs, several online entertainment magazines, and the USA Network website for nearly a decade. Writing full-time from home has been the most rewarding job I've ever had.

I enjoy writing about a wide variety of subjects, ranging from health and fitness, to small business issues, to smartphones and social media. I'm hoping to use HubPages as an arena in which to explore my many interests and share what I learn with the rest of the world. I also look forward to meeting other writers and seeing the world through their unique perspectives as well.

One of my current projects is GoalLancer, an accounting software just for freelancers. GoalLancer allows freelance artists, writers, web designers, programmers, photographers and any other workers  who have multiple income sources to set daily, monthly and yearly financial goals. You put in your goals, and how much you make with each client, and the software tracks your totals and measures how close you are to meeting your goals.

In this way, GoalLancer allows you to take complete control of your freelance earnings. It even tracks your expenses and profits. At the end of the year, it's designed so that you can just print it out and take it to your accountant for tax purposes. Check it out - I really hope it helps people reach their financial goals in 2011!

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    Getting University Financial Aid With Student Loans in Default

    4 years ago

    Many working adults are going back to college to get a degree after a long hiatus from their undergraduate days. You may have any one of a number of very good reasons for wanting to go back to college as an adult. You...

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    Pasta Recipe Using Garlic and Olive Oil

    4 years ago

    Pasta dishes make for a quick, wholesome, filling main course or a versatile side dish. Pasta is easy to make, and most pasta recipes revolve around three basic ingredients: Pasta noodles come in a huge variety of...

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    How to Sync Google on BlackBerry Phones

    4 years ago

    If you're a Net-savvy business owner that uses a BlackBerry smartphone for your business, chances are very good that you use at least a few of Google's services to help run your small business. Here's a guide to...

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    How to Lead Small Group Bible Studies

    4 years ago

    Spending time immersed daily in God's word is crucial for Christian spiritual formation -- at least as important as weekly church attendance. Small group Bible studies can be a fruitful and rewarding supplement to the...

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    How to Change Your Social Security Disability Benefits Address

    4 years ago

    Social Security Disability benefits are cash payments the Social Security Administration sends to thousands of disabled Americans. To be eligible for Social Security Disability Insurance, the disabled individual must...

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    High School Musical Cast 5 Years Later: Where Are They Now?

    12 months ago

    "High School Musical" is an original television movie musical that first premiered on the Disney Channel on January 20, 2006. The movie tells a familiar story of star-crossed high school sweethearts from...

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    How to Study and Learn the Catalan Language

    4 years ago

    Catalan is a Romance language that is the native tongue of an estimated 10 million people worldwide. Catalan is the official language of the nation of Andorra and is a close relative of Spanish and French. Alongside...

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    Requirements for a Daycare or Child Care Center Licensing

    4 years ago

    In every state in the country, you need a license to care for children that aren't related to you in exchange for pay. Most states allow home daycares, which allow you to care for kids in your home, but if your home...


    Guide to Your Taxes When Your Dependent Child Receives SSI Disability

    4 years ago

    Figuring out how to calculate your taxes can be very challenging, even with the help of a tax professional. If your dependent child collects unearned income from government benefits such as Supplemental Security...

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